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VaccineDay#1 and an aquifer of memories

My father loved to regale us with stories. Often at dinner time when everyone was present. He would tell stories from his childhood in Germany, his family, meeting my mother in Alsace, her family, or early memories from the 60s … Continue reading

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Thoughts on dying in two chapters

Take me home He takes my hands in his, and at the same time waves them away in frustration. He brings both his hands up, his arms shaky with effort. He uses them to show us what he means. What … Continue reading

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Who am I Who am I now Who is this person I call me Who is she   Is she the baby leaving the shores of her birth and first footsteps Never to return to it again as home Never … Continue reading

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hibernation and possible migration

So I haven’t written for awhile.  My writing is taking on a new form and this blog will take a break for some time, perhaps be retired.  Thank you for your faithful readership these past three years. It has been … Continue reading

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Take a risk, what is there to lose?

A year for taking risks. For leaping into your own life, into your own unfolding future. When did you last risk everything for a chance to live your life, this life that the soft gentle voice whispering in the depths … Continue reading

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Look left Watson

A Google search this morning using the words Sherlock Holmes “look left” came up with a scripted walkthrough of an online Sherlock Holmes game called ‘The Awakened’. A most apt falling into these musings. An awakening of sorts. An attending … Continue reading

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She was still a young woman. She told me that she was having pain on her side, that she was not feeling well, that she would struggle to pick up the baby that day. That she thought her side was … Continue reading

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I stopped writing at fifty

I stopped writing at fifty. It seemed I had nothing more to say. Me! Who always had an opinion, could give lectures about the state of anything with confidence. Especially to my children. Had no more words. Nothing. Empty. The … Continue reading

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What I learnt at 50

This past week marked the end of my fiftieth year on this earth.  A journey that has taken me from a small village in Germany to South Africa, Namibia, South Korea, Indonesia, the US, South Africa again, Australia and back … Continue reading

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You do not have to be good

You do not have to be good! Today I was reminded vividly and physically about the value of deeply believing the sentiments of Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese. One I have shared many times in teaching and training programs, one … Continue reading

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