About the author

Thank you for having a look at my blog page, even as it continues to develop, as do my blogging skills.  Hopefully my writing skills and quality too.  This blog’s intention is to challenge myself to write, to be vulnerable and open as I do so, and to share with my friends and colleagues around the world the possibility that all our struggles and difficulties are universal.  That no matter how alone we may feel in our daily struggles, that what we are going through is not unique, even as it is very personal.  My intention is to write from the heart and with vulnerability.  You won’t find any great academic pronouncements or truths here, but perhaps in these posts you may find some joy, some humour, and some connection to that part of you that is courageous, loving, passionate, often searching for meaning, and wishes to engage with life as it is.

I will be attempting to post every few days, (although lately it seems to be once or twice a month….)  so visit regularly if you wish.  Or even better, follow this blog and you will receive automatic updates.  Click at the right to see all or the recent posts. Any feedback about this blog is always appreciated 🙂

As for my qualifications – working in palliative medicine and mindfulness based interventions within health care these past 10 plus years, I often find myself musing over the various themes of my life, those of the families I serve, and all the spaces in between that call for passion, compassion and courage to meet whatever arises.  I have been a doctor now for more than 25 years, alive for more than 50, a mother, daughter, sister, wife, lover, friend, traveler through life.  Always, a human being.  My lived experience has moved through most continents, numerous countries, and various cultures and I am lucky to have many wonderful friends around the world.  This has certainly informed my world view and relational space. Writing is my attempt to make some sense of some of this and share it with you.

Be well always, Trish

(Blog started in Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2012.  For now in London since August 2013 )


3 Responses to About the author

  1. Shelly says:

    I look forward to perusing your blog. I am hungry for anything mindful and loving how others practice in their own life. I love reading others stories and realizing how we are truly united in all aspects of our humanity. Thanks for subscribing to my blog!

  2. Great to connect with you Trish!

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