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2014 The Engaging with a Whole Heart Project: October

Cultivating Meaningful Work: Letting go of Self-Doubt and “Supposed To”. So you may not have noticed, but this past month of October went past without my Engaging the Whole Heart Project post materialising.  For some reason it has been difficult … Continue reading

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Mindfulness – our sixth sense: self-care begins here (ehospice series)

    Today is the ninth week of our ten week mindfulness series by Dr Patricia (Trish) Lück, a palliative care physician and facilitator of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programmes, exploring self-care for the healthcare professional in everyday palliative care … Continue reading

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Zinakekele – Care for yourself

This time of the year is often experienced as a time for care – caring for others; caring for ourselves.  Time for rest, and time for others we care about.  Time to reflect on the blessings that are part of … Continue reading

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Whose mountain are you living?

Perhaps having spent this week in the shadow of The Mountain, it is apt to reflect on mountains.  If you have never been to Cape Town this should definitely be on your list of destinations to visit.  And if you … Continue reading

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The “bad news bear”

“Isn’t it hard?” my daughter asked.  “To always be the one doing that?  Doesn’t it affect you?”   Her question may perhaps be a simple one but I felt it, and knew it to be, a much deeper query.  Especially after … Continue reading

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