Silence, the answer


We fear the silence

The letting go

The being alone

The death that comes

But only in the silence

            When all is quiet

            When the breath can be heard

            When the sound of this moment arrives

Do we begin to feel

            The knowing

            The waiting

            The what was always here

And are able to step to the light

            To pick up the phone and say all was well

            To write that note to tell how it is now

            To face forward into the unknown

Knowing that all is not lost

            This silence

            This death

            This pain

            This letting go

Is the one true thing to be trusted

That life will always hold us

            Even as we feel we are falling

That the light will always come at the end of the longest night

And the silence will be filled anew with

            New sounds

            New growth

            New life

About amindfullife

Passionate about living every moment as best I can. Continually emergent and a work in progress
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